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Guild Workshops for 2016

Workshops for 2016 have not been selected.  Please stay tuned for plans.

Gwen Bortner is coming to Sand and Sea Knitting Guild!


July 9 and 10, 2016.

9am to 4pm


At St. Andrews Church and at a private home nearby.


4 Fabulous Workshops

Saturday Morning at no charge to Guild members

Saturday Afternoon $40

Sunday, all day $75


Send payment to Ilene E. to sign up! 




Gwen Bortner is a Craft Yarn Council Certified Teacher, who teaches knitting at venues throughout the country.  She is the author of Entrée to Entrelac and is half of the brains behind Two Sides –Two Points and EduKnit. Her designs can be found in a variety of magazines, under her previous company label, Knitability LLC or under her new partnership with Kellie Nuss, Two Sides - Two Points.

Gwen's passion is teaching and she enjoys every opportunity to share her love of knitting with others. Whether teaching through the local community education program, at a national knitting convention, or through her new online venture EduKnit, meeting new people and sharing the love of knitting is one of her greatest joys. 

Gwen’s teaching philosophy can be summed up in the following quote, “My job is to make the student’s toolbox bigger.  If all you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail! In the process of providing options, more skills are developed and a better knitter is the result. My mantra is knitting is fun, if you added something to your knitting toolbox and had fun doing it, then I consider that a successful class.



Saturday Morning:  No Wrong Side - Reversible Fabrics

Saturday Afternoon:  An Illusion in the Shadows

Sunday Morning: Provisional Cast-ons: The How and Why

Sunday Afternoon:  Knitting in Both Directions
Saturday Morning, July 9, 9am to noon

St Andrew’s Church… no charge for Guild Members

No Wrong Side - Reversible Fabrics

Description - Reversible fabrics are great for blankets, shawls, scarves, even sweaters, but what makes a fabric reversible?  And more importantly, how can you hide the ends so both sides can truly be the right side?  Learn the of secrets to creating truly reversible fabrics as well as their "reasonably" reversible counterparts along with tips and tricks of finishing reversible projects.  Finally, be inspired to create a reversible project of your own design.

Homework - None

Supplies - 2 oz of a smooth worsted weight yarn in a light color and needles appropriate to the yarn.





Saturday Afternoon, July 9, 1pm to 4pm

St Andrew’s Church… $40 for Guild Members

An Illusion in the Shadows

Description - Some folks call it Illusion knitting, other Shadow knitting, but whatever you call it, the results are truly amazing. Start the simplest of patterns (garter stitch and stockinette), add in two-color stripes, and throw in some basic charts and presto wonderful designs that only reveal themselves when you look at the fabric the "right" way. Begin learning the basics to creating this magical fabric by knitting a small simple project. Then go on to discover the secrets for creating your own designs. The fabric may be an illusion, but the shadow doesn't have to be the only one who knows how it is done.

Homework - None

Supplies - 1 oz each of 2 contrasting colors of the same yarn (a smooth DK or worsted weight) and needles 2 sizes smaller than would normally be used.



Sunday Morning, July 10, 9am to noon

Chez Mary Beth Kelso…  $75 for Guild Members (fee for full day)

Provisional Cast-ons: The How and Why

Description - A least one provisional cast-on should be in every knitter's toolbox. And in fact, there are several options, each with their own pros and cons.  During the first half of class learn how to complete at least three different provisional cast on methods (possibly more if we have time). After break, explore why every serious knitter needs to know this technique as we apply what we have learned to create the perfect start to a top down sweater, uncover the magic of the mobius, and investigate the many options these interesting cast-ons provide.

Homework - None

Supplies - 1 oz of smooth worsted weight yarn, 10 yds of a slick, smooth yarn of a similar weight in a contrasting color for waste yarn, 2 sets of circular or double pointed needles in a size appropriate for the yarn selected, a crochet hook the same size or larger than needles.




Sunday Afternoon, July 10, 1pm to 4pm

Chez Mary Beth Kelso…  $75 for Guild Members (fee for full day)

Knitting in Both Directions

Description - Most of us knit in one direction, but what would happen if you could knit in EITHER direction?  Bobbles would pop out faster, entrelac would be even more fun, edgings would be added quicker and your yarn would be less tangled. Some call it knitting back backwards, but regardless of the name, it is a great skill to have in your knitting arsenal.  You can learn the basics to knitting (and purling) in "the other direction" regardless of the way you knit now!  All it takes, as with most things, is a little bit of practice.

Homework - None

Supplies - 1 oz of smooth worsted weight yarn and appropriate size needles


General Signup Details:
Cost: $75 per day for members, $75 per day for non-members plus $30 for one year guild membership.
Cash/Check Payable to: Sand and Sea Knitting Guild
Signup: If you haven't yet signed up and are still interested, please contact Cynthia Wells, (805-584-8464).  There are still several openings available.


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